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The communal  Bet Midrash "Tamid", headed by HaRav Mayer Lichtenstein was founded to facilitate in-depth, serious Torah study within the home and the community.
The ongoing activities include a weekly class with HaRav Mayer Lichtenstein and special evening classes. Before classes, source sheets are sent to the members of the Bet Midrash in order to allow preparation and create a serious study framework within the home.
All classes are open to men and women (separate seating).
New - expanding to Yerushalayim
Bet Midrash Tamid is expanding its activities to Yerushlayim.
There will be weekly shiurim on Tuesday evevnings, at Bet Kenesset "Bet Yaakov", Ramat Eshkol, Yerushalayim.
For details about the program press here
For a map of "Bet Yaakov" press here



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